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eKYC Solutions : Trusted Digital Onboarding and Identity Verification 

Our eKYC Digital Onboarding solution is an AI-powered identity verification solution for seamless remote customer onboarding across all platforms (mobile, PC and server). Our integrated Digital Onboarding solution is a ready-to-integrate remote onboarding platform. Consisting of mobile and server components, we can authenticate and extract data from identity documents, verify identity using facial biometrics, and detect the liveness of an individual.

Combined with trusted Facial Recognition algorithms, we deliver the fastest and most accurate face biometric customer onboarding solution to our Clients.

From NIST FRVT 1:1 (2020/109), the accuracy achieved for FAR (False Acceptance Rate) was 0.0001% and FRR (False Rejection Rate) was 0.54%.

A significant improvement to algorithm accuracy that was measured at 4.80% for FRR in 2018.


In both self-registration and supervised mode, the user is asked to take a photo of their recognized ID document for instance :

o MyKad  

o MyPR


o MyTentera

o International Passport  

Our OCR algorithm efficiently recognizes the type of the document and parses the personal information from both human-readable and machine-readable zones. If the ID document is NFC enabled, the mobile application, integrated with Document Toolkit SDK will read the NFC chip content which increases the security of the personal information acquisition. After this has been performed, taking face photo is the next step for customer on-boarding.

Key Features

Easy Integration – EKYC DOT consists of mobile and server components which allow you to pick and use only functions you need.

Data Privacy – The EKYC DOT server components are self-hosted. Each component and function is stateless. Therefore, EKYC DOT does not store any data, it just returns an output for an input face or ID document image. The data storage is fully under Client’s control where we will advise accordingly on the data storage requirements.

Automated ID Document Classifier – Automated recognition of ID type, edition and ID country

Document Auto-Capture – Takes a picture of the document automatically.

Document Authenticity – EKYC DOT can evaluate the authenticity of each field and photos of the document. The supported types of authenticity checks:

o The Field authenticity – letters sticked over

o The Picture authenticity – photos sticked over

o The Document authenticity – general overview of elements sticked on the document

o The Document color profile – checks if the document has a real color profile.

Automated OCR – AI-powered OCR technology works accurately and reliably in real time, even with low-quality images. It enhances the captured photo, normalizes ID, detects ID images for Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance and automatically fills extracted personal data into the predefined fields. 

Neural Network Models are trained specifically for each document to achieve the highest possible accuracy of OCR.


Machine Readable Zone Reader – EKYC DOT allows to read and parse data from the Machine-Readable Zone for further document processing or data validation.

Barcode Reader And Decoder – Reads and decodes from most used types of 1D and 2D barcodes.

NFC Passport Reader – Reads data from NFC documents and verifies a passport via NFC

Onboarding Attempt Trust Evaluation – EKYC DOT uses data collected during onboarding session and evaluates multiple trust factors to establish a level of trust for the session.

Passive Liveness Check – EKYC DOT can evaluate the liveness of a face just from one image. This check prevents from various attack vectors that aim to spoof the face recognition. Passive liveness is currently compliant to ISO 30107 Presentation Attack Detection level 1 & level 2 standards. The feature is available on the mobile device in an offline environment and on the server as well.


Facial Authentication – The captured selfie image is converted to proprietary biometric template and compared against the biometric template generated from identity document. This step requires a very accurate biometric algorithm.

Selfie Auto-Capture – The user is guided via a user-friendly interface to capture a high-quality selfie. Once the pre-configured selfie quality parameters have been reached, the selfie is captured automatically. The parameters used for this quality check are also in accordance with ICAO Portrait Quality Guidelines (Reference Images for MRTD)



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